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Enhance Wi-Fi Service in High Density Campus Locations

Wi-Fi is an essential part of learning and research for faculty, staff and students. Reliable Wi-Fi is also key to the student experience. OIT recently conducted a “Campus Voice Survey” in which undergraduates identified Wi-Fi as their top IT priority.

Enhancing Wi-Fi in high density campus locations is part of OIT’s effort to…

Editoria11y Improves Website Content as it is Entered

Designed to be automatic, unobtrusive and seamless, like spellcheck, Editoria11y is now live on over 2,300 websites and has been named the best Drupal Accessibility Checker for content authors. 

Changes to Outlook junk mail filtering and how it affects you

A recent change in Outlook junk mail filtering by Microsoft has increased the amount of emails landing in the Junk Folder.