Data Strategy Executive Council


The Data Strategy Executive Council is part of the overall university IT governance process. It will
guide the University’s strategy and related policy to promote the effective and responsible use of 
administrative data. The Council will help facilitate institutional decision making through support 
of initiatives that address the University’s strategic questions in a timely, usable, and responsible
way. The Council will nurture and promote a robust analytics culture and accountability for
appropriate use based on strong data governance principles.  


  1. Data is a core resource for insight and decision making
  2. Data is consistent, accessible, and translated into useful information for those requiring it to support their work on behalf of the institution
  3. Accountability for safeguarding data assets rests with everyone who interacts with and uses data


  1. Considerations from the broad institutional landscape to guide data strategy
  2. Goals to leverage data in support of strategic decision making
  3. Pathways for responsible management of institutional data 


  1. Confirm that data priorities align with Princeton’s strategic objectives 
  2. Prioritize and endorse data initiatives to be considered by SAGIT
  3. Review and guide cross-domain questions that inform strategic objectives
  4. Affirm and promote key principles 
  5. Develop and recommend policies related to data use and stewardship
  6. Charge steward committees to establish guidelines for data consistency, accuracy, understanding, access, use, and retention
  7. Review and endorse guidelines, balancing institutional objectives with privacy and sharing
  8. Provide counsel on broad data challenges to facilitate consensus among stewards and users
  9. Advise on challenges and successes in achieving data strategy goals


The council will meet quarterly in person or online. A majority of members attending will constitute a 
quorum. The council may invite guests however delegation of attendance or voting is not intended.

Facilitative Roles 

Chair: Suneetha Vaitheswaran 

The University Data Officer serves as the chair of the council; orients new members; sets meeting agendas; facilitates meetings; represents the council to other councils, committees.

Secretary: Sal Rosario

Onboards new council members; maintains documentation and/or website; schedules meetings and spaces; distributes agendas; prepares and distributes documents and notes; works with administrative/support staff as needed.


Suneetha Vaitheswaran 
University Data Officer 
[email protected]