Instructional Technology Support Committee


The Instructional Technology Support Committee (ITSC) enables effective, quality teaching and learning at Princeton by ensuring that appropriate instructional technologies and support models are in place to meet the needs of faculty and students.


  1. Provide recommendations to the Strategic Advisory Group on IT (SAGIT) on current and emerging instructional technology support issues and needs.
  2. Evaluate recommendations for the adoption of new instructional technologies and determine the most appropriate support model.
  3. When needed, launch assessments of instructional technologies that are being adopted by faculty in growing numbers to determine appropriate forms of support going forward.
  4. Evaluate current maturity of key instructional technologies and make recommendations to modernize.


The committee will meet once a quarter in person or online during the academic year, and a majority of the committee members will constitute a quorum.



Serves as leader of the committee and is elected by committee members for a 3-year term; orients new committee members; sets meeting agendas; facilitates committee meetings; represents the committee to other committees and University units.


Onboards new committee members; maintains the committee document repository and website; reserves physical and virtual meeting spaces; schedules committee meetings; procures and sets up meeting technologies; distributes meeting agendas; prepares meeting documents; tracks meeting attendance; takes and distributes meeting notes; delegates activities to administrative/support staff as needed.