IT Executive Committee


To advise on and endorse university-wide technology policies and initiatives, and to help strategically envision campus-wide opportunities for technology innovation.  

Scope of Responsibilities 

Campus technology topics that benefit from coordinated planning across multiple departments. 


  1. Forward-looking planning:   Identify and assess ideas and projects to help advance the University IT strategic plan 
  2. Policy Refinement/Endorsement:   Provide additional feedback on IT policies being considered by the two IT policy committees (Data & Security/Risk) 
  3. Communicating and Coordinating:   Adjudicate on opportunities to make key business changes enabled by IT (e.g., implementing org. hierarchy, or performance mgmt., or Concur) 


The committee will meet 6-8 times a year (with one mini-retreat) in person or online to conduct committee business, and a majority of the committee members will constitute a quorum. 


Chair: Jay Dominick, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO 

The VP for IT and CIO or the head of Finance & Treasury will serve as leader of the committee, SAGIT appointed for a 3-year term; orients new committee members; sets meeting agendas; facilitates committee meetings; represents the committee to other committees and University units. 


Onboards new committee members; maintains the committee document repository and website; reserves physical and virtual meeting spaces; schedules committee meetings; procures and sets up meeting technologies; distributes meeting agendas; prepares meeting documents; tracks meeting attendance; takes and distributes meeting notes; delegates activities to administrative/support staff as needed. 


Committee members are part of the University cabinet or otherwise represent key constituencies.