Strategic Advisory Group on IT

The Strategic Advisory Group on IT (SAGIT) advises the Provost on the budgetary matters related to IT systems projects that have been endorsed by the Enterprise Systems Planning Group (ESPG) and other projects that are presented by the Vice President for Information Technology and/or the Provost. The specific charge of the group is to: 

  • Evaluate systems project proposals and review the proposed funding mechanisms for capital and operating expenditures required for such systems;
  • Assess steady state costs of maintaining current systems and required IT infrastructure;
  • Identify systems opportunities that should be evaluated;
  • Ensure projects are fiscally responsible and assess whether proposed funding mechanisms are satisfactory;
  • Advise the Provost with regard to budgetary or other issues posed by projects.

SAGIT Assessment Proposal Template
SAGIT Implementation Proposal Template

IT Annual Planning Process Review (VPs and Deans) - May

Members of the SAGIT

  • Jennifer Rexford, Provost (Chair)
  • Katie Callow-Wright, Executive Vice President
  • Peter Schiffer, Dean for Research
  • Jim Matteo, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
  • Daren Hubbard, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO

Ex Officio members

  • Carol Kondrach, Deputy CIO for the Office of Information Technology

SAGIT Funding Process FAQ