Annual IT Planning Process

Each year, a comprehensive review of information technology (IT) requests (i.e. maintenance, process improvement, enhancements, new functionality) for University systems is performed. Project requests are submitted and consolidated by the Project Managers Team (PMT) for review and endorsement by the Administrative Technologies, Common Services and Teaching & Learning Technologies Committees. The requests are evaluated based on benefit/need, visibility/impact, cost and risk, and those endorsed become part of the OIT Project Portfolio. 

Annual IT Planning Process Timeline

Request a Project

The Project Proposal submission will include:

  • Project Name
  • Fiscal Year
  • Requested Start in 1st Half of Fiscal Year (Jul-Dec) or 2nd Half (Jan-Jun)
  • Detailed Project Description
  • Benefits and Expected Outcomes
  • Stakeholders Impacted
  • Business Process(es) Impacted
  • Priority of 1, 2 or 3
  • Executive Sponsor
  • Sponsor
  • OIT Lead
  • Project Manager/Customer
  • Submitter
  • Owner Department
  • Portfolio in which the project aligns
  • Departments Needed, other than OIT and the Owner Department, for less than 1 week of their time
  • Departments Needed, other than OIT and the Owner Department, for more than 1 week of their time
  • Indication of whether this project satisfies one or more SAGIT Priorities for the year
  • Date Constraints
  • Funding Details, if needed


IT Project Request Form