Learning Spaces Initiative

FY18 marked the first official year of the Learning Spaces Initiative (LSI) that will address technology and infrastructure across all campus classrooms. Over the next five years, the LSI will revolutionize 240 classrooms with upgraded features and best-in-class technology. It is a partnership between the Office of Capital Projects (OCP) and OIT Instructional Support Services (ISS), with guidance from the Registrar’s Office, the Vice Provost for Space Programming and Planning, and the Faculty Committee on Classrooms and Schedule.

Campus Benefits

Best-in-class teaching and learning technology

Guided by input from faculty and the campus-expansion project, the plan brings best practices in teaching and learning technology to campus, and a standard in tune with educational trends:

  • Evolution toward a learner‐centered pedagogy

  • Preference for natural, standardized technology systems

  • Demand for flexibility

  • Reliance on wireless and fast networks to share information in real time

Continuity in user experience

The LSI strategy addresses the demand for continuity in user experience across campus, from one learning space to the next. With a standardized technology approach in place, classroom technology will offer a familiar and refined design no matter the learning space.


Fifteen classrooms upgraded in FY18

To begin, 15 classrooms were upgraded with support through Annual Giving Funds, They feature in-demand solutions that take the guesswork out of classroom management, including:

  • wireless Apple TVs
  • new projectors and flat-panel televisions 
  • standard HDMI connections
  • and intuitive control panels

Looking Ahead

In each of the five project years, 40 to 50 spaces will be transformed. As with the first set of upgraded classrooms, these upgrades will feature in-demand solutions that take the guesswork out of classroom management. Not every classroom will be the same. The needs of our departments and educators will inform a variety of additional, pedagogy-driven features, from science labs to language classrooms.