Returning to campus: steps to simplify your transition

As we welcome our faculty and staff back, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to resume work on campus. OIT and departmental IT support (SCAD/DCS) teams are hard at work addressing any potential issues and getting all shared equipment back online, so we ask your patience during this process. 

At the same time, there are three steps you’ll need to take to get up and running:

Step 1: Returning equipment to campus

When you come back, it’s essential that you bring all University owned equipment back with you. (Any exceptions would have to be approved by your department chair or manager.) This includes:

  • Monitors, keyboards, laptops, mice

  • Network printers

  • Peripheral equipment like cables, docking stations, adapters, etc.

Step 2: Powering on equipment that has been off 

After more than a year of working remotely, it won’t be as simple as flipping a switch. Once started up, on-campus devices will begin automatically checking for updates — a process which can take several hours. 

If, however, the updates have not finished that same day, contact your departmental IT support or the Support & Operations Center (SOC) using the Princeton Service Portal. (Sign-in is required.)

What we recommend:

  • Arrange to come in early. If you have campus access prior to August 30, come back in advance to check your equipment and network connection. The queue for IT support will be significantly longer once campus is fully reopened.

  • Order computing and printing supplies in advance. Consider reordering supplies ASAP that may have been depleted (e.g. printer paper, toner, batteries for wireless accessories, etc.)

  • Connect to your printer. You’ll want to make sure you can still connect to the same printer/copier you used when last on campus. If you have trouble locating your printer, notify your departmental IT support.  

Step 3: Connecting to the campus network

As part of an ongoing Princeton initiative to upgrade the campus network and modernize the ways we connect, we recommend connecting via the campus wireless network (even if you were not working wirelessly in the past). 

Connecting should be easy:

  1. Select “eduroam” (the campus network) from your Wi-Fi options.

  2. Log in using your netID and the Princeton domain (i.e. your, then enter your password. If you try to log in with just your email alias, it will not work. 

  3. On some devices, you may also be asked to authorize a certificate. You will need to enter your password again, if so.

  4. If it does not connect, select “forget network” then retry the steps above. 

  5. If you are still having problems, try referencing the article Connect to Princeton Wireless Network or submit a ticket using the Princeton Service Portal. (Sign-in is required.)

Other good-to-knows:

  • Campus wireless hotspots. For outdoor classes or other outside-the-classroom activities, we’ve mapped out the best spots for wireless on campus. Get the map here. (If you’re having trouble, note that access to the map is restricted to on-campus and VPN users.) 

  • August “Connection Clinics.” During the month leading up to campus reopening, many departments will be holding staff “clinics” to answer connection questions and walk you through any issues. Contact your departmental IT support for availability.