Technology Resources FAQ for Undergraduate Students

The information here provides answers to questions frequently asked by undergraduate students about technology resources available to them.  The questions and answers also address changes to IT services and resources for Spring 2022.

For all students

I need to purchase a new computer or tablet. Does Princeton have a computer program for students?

Yes. Princeton’s program, known as the Student Computer Initiative (SCI), offers both Apple and Dell computer models, as well as a tablet. You can view program and model details online at

Aid students can find more information about pay and loan options on the Undergraduate Financial Aid Computer Purchases web page.

Note to international students:  It is recommended that you purchase your computer locally rather than through the SCI program. The vendors who supply the computers in our SCI program are unable to deliver, or are experiencing long delays in delivery, to international locations at this time. Please log into the SCI Store to view recommended computer specifications. 

For more information about the SCI program, search the Princeton Service Portal for ‘SCI Spring 2022’ or Contact Us.

How do I access academic software (like MATLAB and STATA) previously available on OIT cluster computers?

With Princeton Virtual Desktop and a standard computer browser, faculty, researchers, and students can access academic software such as Mathematica, Matlab, Perl, R, R Studio, Scientific Workplace, Stata and Office 365, to name a few. See Web-based access to academic software.

Is software available for my computer?

Yes. Go to for a list of software that is available for download. Here, you’ll also find instructions for installing and using the software. Through Princeton’s site and volume licensing, many software packages are available at no charge to faculty, students and/or staff. If you have questions, send email to

For more information about software you can download, search the Princeton Service Portal for ‘Software Spring 2022’ or Contact Us.

I need Adobe Creative Cloud for my coursework. Where can I get it?

An Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Complete 1-year subscription is available to students at a discounted rate of $19.99 per month. Visit the Adobe website for more details.

For financial aid students, the Books and Personal allotment can be used to cover the monthly cost for Adobe Creative Cloud. For questions, email the Financial Aid Office at

Where are the OIT computing clusters?

The computers, academic software, printing, and scanning services previously provided at our cluster locations are now being offered now as a virtual option through Princeton Virtual Desktops.

For more information about the campus clusters, search the Princeton Service Portal for ‘Clusters Spring 2022’ or Contact Us.

Are printers available?

Printers and printing supplies for student use are provided in all dorms and at the Frist Campus Center. For locations see “Campus Clusters: Getting Started.”

For more information about printing on campus, search the Princeton Service Portal for ‘student printing Spring 2022’ or Contact Us.

My computer isn’t working. What should I do?

To start, contact the OIT Solutions Center by phone, email or chat and request assistance with your computer. An OIT technology specialist will consult with you on the issues you are experiencing. If your computer can be repaired, you will receive a Work Order number and instructions for dropping off your computer at the OIT Solutions Center in the Frist Campus Center. An OIT technical specialist will be available to accept your computer for repair services. When repaired, your computer will be available for pickup from the same location.

Visit the Tech Clinic in Frist 112 for an in-person consultation, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (closed Noon to 1 p.m.) Monday through Friday. Last check-in at 5 p.m.  

I have a temporary need for a laptop or a tablet. Can I borrow one?

If you need a temporary computer while yours is being repaired, you can arrange to borrow one from the OIT Technology Loaner program. Contact the OIT Solutions Center by phone, email or chat to inquire about the loaner program and options.

If extenuating circumstances are creating learning challenges for you, please contact your Residential College Dean/DOS, as they can help provide academic support.

For more information about the Technology Loaner program, Contact Us.

How do I access online library resources to complete my coursework?

See the Princeton University Library website for the appropriate tools for “Using the Library Off-Campus.”  For library-related questions, you can also contact the Library's Ask Us! support resources.

Don't see your question?

Don't see your question about information technology listed?  We'd like to help.

For answers, you can search the Princeton Service Portal at To view the technology services that are of particular interest for the spring, search the knowledge for 'Spring 2022.'

The OIT Support and Operations Center (SOC) is also available to help by phone, email or chat.