Explore IT Careers through OIT Internships

Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to apply to OIT's Summer Internship program. With eight major departments, we are offering students the opportunity to explore and gain professional experience in a variety of technical and administrative roles. The eleven roles being offered as part of this year's internship program are:  

  • Application Security Associate
  • IT Product Marketing and Communications Associate
  • Network Monitoring Associate
  • Organizational Effectiveness Associate 
  • Reporting and Dashboard Analyst
  • Research Computing Cluster Applications Associate
  • Research Software Engineering Associate
  • Service Desk Associate
  • Software Applications and Platforms Associate
  • UX Designer/Web Developer
  • Website Accessibility Associate

Information about these roles is provided below, under 2023 Internship Positions.


OIT's Summer Internship Program offers full-time work for eight weeks in the summer, from Monday, June 5 through Friday, July 28. In addition to the experiences that each of our internship roles offers, interns will also learn about IT careers across the organization through speaker engagements, lunch-time talks with OIT professionals, and field trips to visit various technology teams and centers on campus.


The OIT Summer Internship Program is intended for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at any accredited university or college. 

Note:  Interns must be eligible to work in the United States and be able to work for 36.25 hours per week. 

Program Schedule

The 2023 OIT Summer Internship Program runs from June 5 through July 28, 2023. 

Interns work full-time Monday through Friday, and 36.25 hours per week. Standard working hours are 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, unless specified otherwise in the internship job description. 

All interns must be available to work the entire 8-week period of the program.


Interns are paid $20 to $25 per hour. The actual rate will be based on the internship and the intern's experience. 


Students apply online for internship positions through the University’s Careers site at careers.princeton.edu. OIT internship positions are indicated with the label, 'Summer Intern,' in the title. 

    Application Requirements

    Applications and related support materials will be accepted through March 15, after which all positions will be closed to further application.  As part of the application, students are requested to submit the following supporting documentation:

    • cover letter
    • resume (or CV)
    • academic transcript
    • two letters of recommendation

    Cover Letter, Resume, and Transcripts

    Supporting documentation (cover letter, resume, and academic transcript) is entered or uploaded as part of the application process and becomes a part of your applicant profile. 

    Cover letters are entered into a text field in the online application. In your cover letter, be sure to describe your specific interest in the internship position, including:

    • academic and life experiences that prepare you for this position
    • how the specific OIT internship relates to your larger educational or career goals 

    Resumes and transcripts are uploaded as 'Other Documents' during the application process.

    Letters of Recommendation

    As part of the application requirement, we are requesting two letters of recommendation. At least one of these letters should be from a professor or instructor who is familiar with your academic work and can speak specifically about your qualifications. Letters of recommendation should not come from direct family members. 

    Letters of recommendation are due by March 24 and should be sent via email directly from the letter writer to the internship program email account at [email protected]. Letters received after March 24 will not be considered.

    Selection Process

    Hiring teams will review applications and related support materials, and invite advancing applicants to interview for positions in February and March. Applicants chosen for internship positions will be contacted with an offer no later than April 15. 

    2023 Internship Positions

    Application Security Associate

    In this role as an Application Security Associate, you will participate in vulnerability assessments and learn the different tools used by the Information Security Office to secure systems and applications. You will partner with application developers to document the architecture and technical configurations of applications and web services. Then, you’ll assist with the work to scan the top 50 application/web services for security and configuration issues. 

    What you’ll be doing:  

    • Training with application developers to get an understanding of the configuration and stack used for system development 
    • Learning how to set up and use an application security scanner
    • Helping make remediation recommendations based on scan results

    IT Product Marketing and Communications Associate

    In this role as an IT Product Marketing and Communications Associate, you will support Princeton University’s Web Development Services (WDS) by learning how to build academic and scholarly websites in the Princeton Site Builder content management system (CMS) to provide insights into the product’s development and user experience. You will work collaboratively with designers, content strategists, developers, and project managers to improve the editing interface, user experience, and documentation for website owners who seek to increase their comfort and confidence with using the CMS.

    What you’ll be doing:  

    • Website Building: Acting as a site owner – building page layouts, adding content, and placing images and media. Considering both experienced and novice customers and identifying possible pain points.
    • Industry Research: Reviewing video and written support for similar CMS products. Analyzing general UX/UI trends in websites and software applications. Presenting findings to WDS team members
    • Testing and Writing of Documentation: Assessing the clarity and ease of use of existing documentation. Identifying gaps and making recommendations for improvements. Implementing real-time updates on the live sites
    • Creating Instructional/Training Videos: Writing scripts and creating step-by-step “how to” videos to teach campus partners how to use Site Builder tools
    • Team Brainstorming: Attending team meetings to learn about project planning and requirements gathering, implementation strategies, design decisions, development, etc

    Network Monitoring Associate

    In this role as a Network Monitoring Associate, you will help support the transition of network monitoring statistics from a legacy system to Statseeker. You’ll also learn different monitoring techniques and develop custom dashboards to display network data. 

    What you’ll be doing:  

    • Reviewing legacy dashboards in the MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) environment (www.net.princeton.edu/statistics)
    • Learning how to build dashboards, network image maps, and reports in Statseeker for campus buildings and data center services

    Organizational Effectiveness Associate

    In this role as an Organizational Effectiveness Associate, you will work with the team responsible for administratively supporting organizational operations that promote effectiveness and introduce efficiencies. Support activities include new employee onboarding, reward and recognition, continual improvement, and daily operations. The OIT summer internship program and the new hire orientation program are current projects that the intern will help support and bring to the finish line. 

    What you’ll be doing:  

    • Supporting the talent acquisition process
    • Creating tools and resources to support hiring teams through the hiring process
    • Planning events and activities that are part of the OIT Summer Internship program
    • Assisting with the New Employee Campus Tour
    • Documenting and charting operational processes

    Reporting and Dashboard Analyst

    In this role as a Reporting and Dashboard Analyst, you will work on a variety of business analytics and outreach projects within the Center for Data, Analytics, and Reporting (CeDAR). You will learn to gather customer requirements, develop mock-ups and wireframes for dashboards, and partner with staff to implement reports and visualizations.   

    What you’ll be doing:  

    • Gathering customer requirements for reports, dashboards, and other analytics solutions
    • Developing mock-ups or wireframes of project deliverables
    • Leveraging Cognos and/or Tableau to implement projects
    • Partner with customers to develop dashboards, reports, and visualizations

    Research Computing Cluster Applications Specialist

    In this role as a Cluster Applications Specialist, you will learn to install and configure software packages, in addition to developing and testing example calculations or analyses with that software. You will create detailed documentation and working examples for use by Princeton researchers as they learn to use these large-scale computing systems for their specific areas of research. 

    What you’ll be doing:  

    • Configuring and installing software tools in Princeton’s research computing systems (https://researchcomputing.princeton.edu/systems/systems-overview)
    • Developing documentation for software tools that will enable users to independently manage their use
    • Developing sample cluster jobs (e.g., calculations or simulations) users can run to verify that the software they have installed is working
    • Learning best practices for managing software on large, shared research computing systems
    • Learning about discipline-specific requirements and trends in research computing

    Research Software Engineering Associate

    In this role as a Research Software Engineering Associate, you will work alongside and under the mentorship of professional Research Software Engineers to build, develop, and optimize research software used in cutting edge Princeton research projects. Potential project domains include: Molecular Biology, Operations Research & Financial Engineering, Geosciences, and Data-Driven Social Science. 

    What you’ll be doing:  

    • Engaging in the software development lifecycle which may include requirements analysis, design implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance
    • Learning how to conduct software performance analysis and optimization through profiling, refactoring, debugging, optimization, and tuning
    • Creating and delivering a technical presentation describing your work with the RSE group

    Service Desk Associate

    In this role as a Service Desk Associate, you will provide level one technical support using voice and chat, as well as respond to emails and self-service tickets from students, faculty, staff and alumni of the University.

    What you’ll be doing:  

    • Responding to requests for technical support promptly and professionally
    • Resolving a variety of IT incidents and fulfilling requests
    • Documenting all troubleshooting steps and support resolutions in the ServiceNow IT Service Management System

    Software Applications and Platforms Associate

    In this role as a Software Applications and Platforms Associate, you will contribute to the planning and execution of key software application and platform projects and initiatives. You will work with the Package Adoption and Configuration (PAC) team to enable the digitization of processes across campus with the goal of improving academic, administrative, and research functions through technology innovation.

    What you’ll be doing:  

    • Participating in implementation projects and related activities
    • Learning how to gather business requirements and engage with vendors 
    • Assisting in the configuration and set-up of the various components of software applications and platforms
    • Participating in the design and implementation of system integrations
    • Contributing to training and documentation related to implementation and onboarding of systems
    • Partaking in governance, security, and data strategy discussions related to digital systems

    UX Designer/Web Developer

    In this role as a UX Designer/Web Developer, you will gain a deep understanding of the methods and tools used in the field of user-centered design and user experience (UX). You will build website components to update and improve the content and interactivity of our department website, ux.princeton.edu. You will also collaborate with other team members to build training components and job aids. 

    What you’ll be doing:  

    • Learning about current UX methods and tools
    • Building an interactive 5D Rubric—an assessment tool for measuring user satisfaction
    • Learning how to create interactive training components
    • Updating the UX website with new components and conducting usability testing

    Website Accessibility Associate

    In this role as a Website Accessibility Associate, you will learn about website accessibility and contribute to the improvement of the Digital Accessibility website. Partnering with team members, you will learn how to test the Drupal editing environment for usability, use the DubBot testing tool, and participate in onboarding and summer training sessions. You will also spend time working in the usability lab to learn testing techniques and participate in testing sessions. 

    What you’ll be doing:  

    • Adding content to the Digital Accessibility website
    • Supporting the onboarding of campus partners to the DubBot testing tool
    • Reviewing and providing feedback on the Editorially editing tool
    • Observing and supporting usability tests