Enhance Wi-Fi Service in High Density Campus Locations

March 27, 2023

Wi-Fi is an essential part of learning and research for faculty, staff and students. Reliable Wi-Fi is also key to the student experience. OIT recently conducted a “Campus Voice Survey” in which undergraduates identified Wi-Fi as their top IT priority.

Enhancing Wi-Fi in high density campus locations is part of OIT’s effort to continuously improve campus Wi-Fi and meet the increased demand for mobility and speed. OIT completed a study which demonstrated Wi-Fi services were sub optimal in some of the highly utilized learning spaces on campus.  

OIT collaborated with campus units on additional hardware, software, installation services, asbestos abatement, and architectural services for the first of several phases to enhance Wi-Fi services in high density spaces. OIT has also partnered with the University architect’s office to ensure that technology deployed at these locations blend in with existing aesthetics.

There are ten spaces in the first phase that were prioritized based on significant academic importance: McCosh Hall 50, McCosh Hall 10, McCosh Hall 28, McCosh Hall 46, Lewis Thomas Lab 003, Frick Chemistry B02, Robertson Hall - Lewis Auditorium, Friend Center 101, McDonnell Hall A01, and McDonnell Hall A02.