Introducing Adobe Creative Cloud

Written by
Milan Stanic, Director of IT Communications
Aug. 8, 2022

Beginning August 9, 2022, all Princeton faculty, staff and students will have free access to more than 20 leading industry-standard Adobe Creative Cloud applications, including Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Illustrator.

The Creative Cloud also includes many beginner-friendly applications that can be used on mobile devices. Universal access to these industry-leading tools addresses digital literacy, equity and inclusion, while promoting creativity, innovation, and technology.

What is Changing

All existing Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat users’ licenses were automatically converted to the new campus-wide license. The existing installation, activation, and use of Creative Cloud and Acrobat remains the same and there will no longer be an additional charge to use Creative Cloud.

Reactivating Existing Licenses

Existing Acrobat and Creative Cloud users need to reauthenticate with their Princeton netID to activate the new license.   

Installing Creative Cloud on New Devices

As part of the Creative Cloud license, which is now free, you can access the software across all desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Creative Cloud can be installed on up to two devices simultaneously.

To install Creative Cloud on an un-managed or personal device, go to, sign-in with your Princeton netID and follow the instructions. Detailed installation instructions are also available.

Creative Cloud on Shared Devices in Computer Labs

There will no longer be a cost associated with shared device licenses. The installation process for shared device licenses in computer labs remains the same. KB0011874 covers deactivating existing licensed apps and KB0011902 covers how to install shared device licenses. The process for users to log in and out of shared devices remains the same and is outlined in KB0011875.

Learning Resources

Learning and support resources are available via LinkedIn Learning and Adobe, where you can learn the basics of Creative Cloud, find skill enhancement tutorials, and get quick answers with step-by-step instructions.

Need Support?

Visit the Princeton Service Portal, email, or call (609) 258-4357.