Introducing Webex, the replacement phone app for Jabber

Dec. 19, 2023

Beginning January 16, 2024, Princeton's software-based phone service Jabber will be phased out and replaced by Webex. Like Jabber, Webex offers the ability to place and receive calls using a Princeton University phone number via a computer or smartphone. Webex is not a replacement for Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

University managed Windows, MacOS and iOS devices will receive the Webex app automatically beginning January 16, 2024. The Webex app can also be manually installed by visiting the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads, the Google Play Store for Android devices, and the Cisco website for PC and Mac.

What you need to do

Utilize Webex to place and receive calls, send messages, check voicemail, and more. Instant messages sent from Jabber will not be received on Webex, and vice versa. Although both applications may be installed simultaneously, only one app can be used at a time for calling. If both apps are active, users will receive a prompt to use either Jabber or Webex.

Need support? Additional information on Webex is available in KB0013948. This KB outlines how to use Webex for calling and messaging, how to set availability and enable do-not-disturb, and more.