My PrincetonU: a new tool for managing campus groups and events

June 30, 2021

Do you need an effortless way to manage your group and membership? My PrincetonU may be just what you are looking for.

My PrincetonU, hosted by CampusGroups, is a new community engagement application for student organizations, campus organizations, and departments, with powerful tools for group membership, events, member communication, and more.

My PrincetonU contributed greatly to the inaugural launch of Wintersession in January 2021, which brought students, faculty, and staff together virtually as they experimented in and explored a multitude of unusual, active, and exciting non-graded learning opportunities. MyPrincetonU was used to manage Wintersession registration; communication from facilitators to attendees; and session attendance. The MyPrincetonU reporting feature was key to providing insight into session registration for the entire program. Through report analytics, we learned that Wintersession 2021 drew interest from more than 3,100 unique participants who registered for one or more sessions. 

My PrincetonU also supports one of the central priorities of the Graduate School: equipping graduate students to navigate graduate school and prepare for a diverse array of professional opportunities via GradFUTURES®, a campus-wide professional development initiative. With a coalition of more than 40 campus partners, including faculty, directors of graduate study, graduate program administrators, staff from all centers and offices, graduate alumni and graduate students, GradFUTURES works to make professional development visible, viable, and valuable for all Princeton graduate students.

Four areas under Campus Life have made My PrincetonU available to over 450 student groups. The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students (ODUS) used the application to support pandemic related communications and events by managing time slot registration for the popular Tigers in Town events; to communicate policies and guidelines with real-time read receipts; and to run a virtual student activities fair to facilitate student organization membership and management. The reporting features in each module were critical to the assessment and refinement of ODUS’s work in Spring 2021.

My PrincetonU fosters inclusive engagement by enabling students to discover the incredible array of programs, groups, events, and activities, available to them. Since go-live in October 2020, My PrincetonU has seen favorable feedback and high adoption. To date, My PrincetonU hosts over 500 groups with a combined membership of more 20,000. These groups have collectively offered more than 1,300 events and generated over 33,000 registrations, all of which have been created and managed in My PrincetonU. 

For more information or to complete a group interest form, please see the My PrincetonU (KB0013083) article.