New and changing wireless network services

Jan. 21, 2019

There are changes to Princeton University’s wireless network services that may impact the way you and your visitors wirelessly connect devices to the network.  A summary of the changes that took effect on November 20 follows. For more details see KB0011526: Princeton Wireless Network Changes:  FAQs.

Three networks will provide wireless service on campus:  eduroam, servicenet, and puvisitor. Each service is intended for specific users and devices.  Please note that the puwireless network is being phased out and ultimately retired in the spring of 2019.

Eduroam:  for faculty, students and staff

Eduroam continues to be the primary means for faculty, students and staff to wirelessly connect their computing and mobile devices to the network at Princeton.  Eduroam is a secure roaming access service that provides encrypted wireless service across Princeton’s campus, at participating peer institutions, and in 90 territories worldwide.  Registration to eduroam on Princeton’s campus provides access to eduroam worldwide.

For more information about configuring devices for eduroam, see

ServiceNet: for devices and Internet of Things (IOTs)

A new wireless network, ServiceNet, provides network access for devices that cannot log into the eduroam wireless network due to limited login options.  Examples of devices that you would register to this network include systems such as smart TVs, video streaming systems, gaming systems, and multi-user printers.

Access to the ServiceNet wireless network requires a one-time registration.  Registration and access to ServiceNet are available beginning November 20, 2018 at .

PUVisitor: for visitors to campus

PUVisitor provides wireless network access for campus visitors.  With PUVisitor wireless service, visitors can choose either short-term access or longer-term access: the later requiring registration.

Visitor Quick Access - For fast access, visitors can opt to use the Visitor Quick Access option.  This option provides wireless network access for up to 7 days, without requiring registration.   

Visitor Long-term Access - The Visitor Long-term Access option provides access to the puvisitor network for 13 months, with a one-time, self-registration process for the duration.  To register, visitors need only provide their name, email address, and optional mobile phone number.

Note:  Visitors from institutions that participate in the eduroam service should connect to the eduroam wireless network service at Princeton.

Retiring the puwireless network

The puwireless network will be retired in the spring of 2019.  To prepare for this service shutdown you should transition all devices currently connected to puwireless to eduroam or to servicenet, for devices that cannot connect to eduroam.  Go to to register.

The wireless network changes described here are a part of the University’s Next Generation Network program and position the University to begin implementing enhancements that optimize network traffic control and network reliability.  

For questions about Princeton’s wireless networks, or for assistance connecting to them, please call or email the OIT Support and Operations Center (SOC) at 258-HELP or