Recognizing Excellence in Princeton’s Web Development Services

April 12, 2023
Jill Moraca, Web Development Services

While most of the Princeton community only sees the public-facing work that our Web Development Services (WDS) teams do, what happens behind the scenes is critical to making that user experience a positive one. Website operations, the unseen work of operating and maintaining campus websites, must be a well-oiled machine to ensure that sites are built and run properly, without delays or glitches — along with dozens of other key performance measures. 

This month, one of our own has been recognized for her excellence in web operations. WDS Senior Director Jill Moraca was awarded a 2023 Best in WebOps Award for introducing more efficiency into our Wordpress site support — thus freeing up WDS to do more strategic, University-focused work. Sponsored by Pantheon, maker of the global WebOps platform, the award singles out individuals committed to “delivering amazing digital experiences that create value for their organizations, enable transformative change, and unlock extraordinary performance.”

To learn more about the challenges and solution that led to the award, read the full Pantheon article here.