ServiceNow Homepage to Dashboard Conversion

Jan. 18, 2023

ServiceNow Homepages have been available since Princeton’s adoption of the platform in 2016 and are being retired by ServiceNow in an upcoming release. In anticipation of the retirement, the Office of Information Technology will migrate all ServiceNow homepages to responsive dashboards on February 16. 

ServiceNow homepages and dashboard changes only affect a small subset of users. These changes will not affect the ticketing process or use of ServiceNow for the campus community.

What is changing 

If you are a ServiceNow fulfiller, your homepage content may contain useful data elements like charts, graphs and list views generated from reports in ServiceNow. The migration to dashboards will not affect any existing data. Dashboards are the latest ServiceNow innovation for interacting with and displaying data and have the same functionality as homepages.  

Next Steps 

The first step is to determine if your landing page is a homepage or a dashboard. If you are using a dashboard, no further action is necessary. If you are still using a homepage, you can easily convert it to a dashboard. All homepages that are not converted prior to the upgrade will be migrated to dashboards automatically on February 16

Support and training 

In addition to the step-by-step instructions in KB0013686, if you need further assistance, you may schedule a virtual meeting to review your homepage and begin the migration to dashboards.